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Terms and Conditions

Up Date 24 June 2024

The Terms and Conditions presented by TeknikSipil.org have been updated to the latest version on March 23, 2024. This signifies our commitment to continuously enhance our services and provide up-to-date information to our users. With this update, we ensure that your user experience remains optimal and aligns with the latest developments in the civil engineering industry.

The terms and conditions set forth herein serve as the cornerstone of your interaction with TeknikSipil.org. By engaging with our website, situated at https://www.tekniksipil.org/, you inherently agree to abide by these regulations. By accessing this website we assume you accept these terms and conditions. Do not continue to use TeknikSipil.org if you do not agree to take all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

In dissecting these terms, it becomes evident that they govern the relationship between you, referred to as "Client" or "You", and us, denoted as "The Company", "Ourselves", "We", or "Us". This delineation is crucial as it underscores the mutual understanding and adherence expected from both parties. We, as the Company, are committed to upholding these standards, ensuring a seamless exchange that caters to your needs while aligning with the legal framework, notably the prevailing laws of the Netherlands. Within this paradigm, words such as "Party", "Parties", or pronouns like "Us", "Your", and "Our" take on specific meanings, encapsulating the essence of our collaborative engagement. It is imperative to grasp the interchangeable nature of these terms, emphasizing their inclusivity and universality in our discourse. In essence, these terms and conditions serve as the scaffolding upon which our interactions are built. They not only safeguard the integrity of our services but also foster an environment of transparency and accountability. As you navigate through TeknikSipil.org, let these guidelines serve as a compass, guiding your actions and ensuring a mutually beneficial exchange rooted in respect and compliance.


The utilization of cookies is a standard practice in online platforms, including TeknikSipil.org. By accessing our site, users consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy, a common protocol across the digital landscape.

Cookies serve a pivotal role in enhancing user experience on websites. They facilitate the retrieval of user details, streamlining interactions and personalizing visits. At TeknikSipil.org, cookies are instrumental in optimizing the functionality of various sections, thereby simplifying navigation and enhancing usability. Furthermore, it's imperative to acknowledge that cookies aren't exclusive to our platform; they are ubiquitous across the web. Many affiliate and advertising partners also leverage cookies to tailor content and advertisements to users' interests and preferences.

In essence, cookies are not merely technological artifacts but integral components that foster efficiency and customization in the online sphere. As such, their usage aligns with industry standards and serves the collective interest of both users and website operators.


The ownership and management of intellectual property rights on TeknikSipil.org are unequivocally designated to TeknikSipil.org and its licensors unless explicitly stated otherwise. This fundamental principle signifies the proprietary nature of the materials hosted on the platform. The establishment of such ownership delineates a framework for the appropriate usage of the content provided. In essence, these intellectual property rights are not merely arbitrary assertions but rather a crucial mechanism for regulating the interaction with the website's resources.

Restrictions and Prohibitions

Republishing Prohibition Users are expressly forbidden from republishing any material sourced from TeknikSipil.org. This restriction encompasses a wide array of actions aimed at disseminating or redistributing the content without due authorization.
Commercial Use Restriction The commercialization of materials from TeknikSipil.org is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to selling, renting, or sub-licensing the content for monetary gain. By imposing this limitation, the platform ensures that its resources are not exploited for commercial purposes without proper authorization.
Duplication and Reproduction Constraint Any form of duplication or reproduction of materials found on TeknikSipil.org is explicitly prohibited. This encompasses activities such as copying content for personal or professional use without authorization, thereby safeguarding the integrity and uniqueness of the platform's resources.
Redistribution Prohibition Users are prohibited from redistributing the content available on TeknikSipil.org. This encompasses actions aimed at sharing or disseminating the materials to third parties without explicit consent. By imposing this restriction, the platform seeks to maintain control over the dissemination of its resources and prevent unauthorized distribution.

Implications and Compliance

The imposition of these restrictions serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it safeguards the interests of TeknikSipil.org and its licensors by preventing unauthorized usage and exploitation of intellectual property. Secondly, it upholds the broader principles of intellectual property rights, thereby fostering an environment conducive to the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

The commencement of this Agreement is effective immediately from the date stated herein.

Certain sections of this website provide a platform for users to express and exchange opinions and information within designated areas. It is important to note that TeknikSipil.org does not engage in filtering, editing, publishing, or pre-reviewing Comments before their appearance on the website. Consequently, Comments expressed herein do not necessarily mirror the perspectives of TeknikSipil.org, its agents, or affiliates, but rather represent the viewpoints of the individuals who post them. Within the bounds of applicable laws, TeknikSipil.org assumes no responsibility for the content of Comments or any ensuing liability, damages, or expenses incurred as a result of their utilization or presence on this website.

Furthermore, TeknikSipil.org retains the authority to oversee all Comments and to eliminate any that are deemed inappropriate, offensive, or in violation of the stipulated Terms and Conditions. This prerogative ensures the maintenance of a conducive and respectful online environment in line with our community standards.

Assertion of Rights and Licensing Agreement

In providing comments on our website, you affirm and guarantee the following:

Entitlement and Licensing You assert that you possess the rightful authority to post the comments on our platform and hold all essential licenses and permissions to do so. This declaration underscores the necessity of possessing the appropriate legal authorization before engaging in any form of content publication.
Intellectual Property Compliance Your comments are warranted to refrain from infringing upon any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, or trademarks held by third parties. This commitment reflects the imperative to uphold the integrity of intellectual property and respect the rights of content creators and owners.
Content Integrity The comments you provide are warranted to refrain from containing any defamatory, libelous, offensive, indecent, or otherwise unlawful material that violates individual privacy rights. This stipulation emphasizes the responsibility to maintain the integrity and civility of discourse within the online community.
Non-commercial Use Your comments will not serve as a platform for soliciting or promoting business ventures, custom, or engaging in any form of commercial or unlawful activities. This condition ensures that the primary focus of comments remains on constructive engagement rather than commercial exploitation or illicit endeavors.

Furthermore, by submitting your comments, you hereby grant TeknikSipil.org a non-exclusive license. This license authorizes the platform to utilize, reproduce, edit, and permit others to use, reproduce, and edit your comments across various forms, formats, or media. This grant of license underscores the collaborative nature of online interaction and facilitates the dissemination and utilization of user-generated content within the bounds of legal and ethical frameworks.

In essence, these provisions establish a framework for responsible engagement and content sharing within the online community, emphasizing respect for intellectual property rights, privacy considerations, and the promotion of constructive discourse.

Encouraging Responsible Hyperlinking

In delineating the guidelines for hyperlinking to our content, TeknikSipil.org aims to foster a conducive online environment where the dissemination of information is facilitated responsibly and ethically. While acknowledging the importance of accessibility and connectivity on the web, it is imperative to establish clear parameters to ensure the integrity and authenticity of our platform's content.

Permissible Linking Entities

Certain entities are granted the privilege to link to our website without necessitating prior written approval. These include government agencies, search engines, news organizations, and online directory distributors. Additionally, system-wide accredited businesses are permitted to hyperlink to our content, provided they adhere to specified conditions.

Conditional Linking Standards

In permitting hyperlinking, TeknikSipil.org imposes specific criteria to safeguard the interests and reputation of the platform. Hyperlinks must be non-deceptive, accurately reflecting the destination content without misleading users. Moreover, they should refrain from falsely implying any form of sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by the linking entity. This ensures that the integrity and credibility of our platform remain uncompromised.

Contextual Relevance and Compliance

Furthermore, hyperlinks should seamlessly integrate within the context of the linking party's website, ensuring relevance and coherence with the overall content. By aligning with the thematic focus and objectives of the linking site, the integrity and purpose of the hyperlinking endeavor are preserved.

Strengthening Link Approval Criteria

In our commitment to fostering a robust online ecosystem, TeknikSipil.org entertains and evaluates link requests from various entities to ensure a balanced and mutually beneficial digital environment. While maintaining stringent standards, we acknowledge the importance of facilitating connections with reputable sources that enhance the accessibility and utility of our platform's content.

Expanded Consideration for Link Requests

We extend our consideration and approval to link requests from a diverse array of organizations, including commonly-known consumer and business information sources, dot.com community sites, charitable associations, online directory distributors, internet portals, accounting, legal, and consulting firms, as well as educational institutions and trade associations. This inclusive approach reflects our commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships and expanding the reach of valuable resources.

Criteria for Approval

In evaluating link requests, we adhere to a comprehensive set of criteria designed to uphold the integrity and credibility of TeknikSipil.org. Approval is contingent upon several key factors:
  • Reputation Preservation: The proposed link must align with our values and standards, ensuring that its inclusion does not reflect unfavorably on our platform or accredited businesses.
  • Record Assessment: Organizations seeking linkage must demonstrate a positive track record, free from any detrimental associations or negative history with TeknikSipil.org.
  • Mutual Benefit: We assess the potential benefits derived from increased visibility through the hyperlink, weighing its advantages against the absence of direct linkage to TeknikSipil.org.
  • Contextual Relevance: The proposed link should contribute to the dissemination of general resource information, enriching the overall user experience and enhancing the breadth of knowledge available.

By adhering to these rigorous evaluation criteria, TeknikSipil.org ensures that approved links contribute positively to the platform's credibility, while also enhancing the accessibility and utility of information for our users. This judicious approach to link approval underscores our commitment to maintaining a reputable and authoritative presence within the digital landscape.

Ensuring Responsible Linking Practices

In fostering a collaborative digital environment, TeknikSipil.org extends the privilege of linking to our homepage to select organizations, provided that certain conditions are met. These conditions serve as essential safeguards to uphold the integrity and credibility of our platform while facilitating seamless integration within the broader online community.

Criteria for Permissible Linking

Organizations seeking to link to our homepage must adhere to the following criteria:
  • Non-Deceptive Linkage: The hyperlink must be transparent and devoid of any deceptive practices. It should accurately represent the destination content without misleading users, ensuring authenticity and integrity in online interactions.
  • Avoidance of Misrepresentation: The link should refrain from falsely implying any form of sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by TeknikSipil.org towards the linking entity and its products or services. This stipulation ensures clarity and transparency in the relationship between the linking party and our platform.
  • Contextual Relevance: The placement of the hyperlink within the linking party's site should align with the overarching themes and objectives of their content. By maintaining contextual relevance, the link seamlessly integrates into the user experience, enhancing the overall coherence and utility of both websites.

Linking Procedure

For organizations listed in the preceding paragraph interested in establishing a link to our website, a formal notification process is required. This involves sending an email to TeknikSipil.org, providing essential details such as the organization's name, contact information, and the URL of their site. Additionally, a list of intended linking URLs from their site to ours, as well as specific URLs on our site to which they wish to link, must be included. Following the submission, organizations are advised to await a response within 2-3 weeks.

By implementing these procedural requirements and adherence to established criteria, TeknikSipil.org aims to promote responsible linking practices that enhance the accessibility and utility of our platform while maintaining transparency and integrity in online interactions.

Empowering Approved Organizations for Hyperlinking

In our commitment to fostering connectivity and collaboration within the digital sphere, TeknikSipil.org extends privileges to approved organizations for hyperlinking to our website. The guidelines outlined below delineate the permissible methods of hyperlinking, ensuring consistency, coherence, and adherence to trademark regulations.

Authorized Hyperlinking Methods

Approved organizations are granted the flexibility to hyperlink to our website using one of the following methods:
  • Corporate Name Usage: Hyperlinking may be achieved by incorporating our corporate name as the anchor text. This straightforward approach ensures clear attribution and recognition of TeknikSipil.org within the linking content.
  • URL Usage: Alternatively, organizations may opt to hyperlink using the uniform resource locator (URL) of our website. This method provides direct access to our platform and facilitates seamless navigation for users.
  • Descriptive Linking: Hyperlinking can also be accomplished by employing any other description of our website that aligns with the context and format of content on the linking party's site. This approach promotes versatility and creativity while ensuring relevance and coherence in the linkage.

Trademark Compliance

It is important to note that the use of TeknikSipil.org's logo or any other artwork for linking purposes is strictly prohibited in the absence of a trademark license agreement. This stipulation underscores our commitment to protecting the integrity of our brand identity and trademarks, safeguarding against unauthorized usage or misrepresentation.

By adhering to these guidelines, approved organizations can leverage hyperlinking as a powerful tool for enhancing connectivity and accessibility to TeknikSipil.org's resources. Furthermore, compliance with trademark regulations ensures mutual respect and protection of intellectual property rights, reinforcing the principles of responsible online engagement.

Asserting Control Over iFrame Usage

In upholding the integrity and consistency of our website's visual presentation, TeknikSipil.org imposes restrictions on the creation of frames around our webpages without prior approval and written permission. This measure is essential to preserve the intended user experience and ensure the authenticity of our platform's design and layout.

Preservation of Visual Presentation

The prohibition on iFrames serves to maintain the visual integrity and cohesion of TeknikSipil.org's webpages. By disallowing the alteration of visual presentation or appearance through framing, we uphold the intended aesthetic and user interface of our website. This commitment to visual consistency fosters a seamless and immersive browsing experience for our users, enhancing accessibility and usability.

Protection of Brand Identity

Furthermore, restricting the creation of frames without authorization safeguards the integrity of our brand identity. By maintaining control over the presentation of our webpages, we mitigate the risk of misrepresentation or unauthorized manipulation of our content. This proactive measure reinforces the credibility and trustworthiness of TeknikSipil.org, ensuring that users encounter our platform in its intended form.

Necessity of Prior Approval

Prior approval and written permission are prerequisites for any deviation from this policy. This requirement underscores our commitment to transparency and accountability in managing the visual representation of our website. Organizations or individuals seeking to create frames around our webpages must adhere to this protocol to ensure alignment with our standards and objectives.

The restriction on iFrames without prior approval serves as a proactive measure to uphold the visual integrity, authenticity, and brand identity of TeknikSipil.org. By enforcing this policy, we reinforce our commitment to delivering a consistent and trustworthy browsing experience for our users, while also safeguarding against unauthorized alterations or misrepresentations of our content.

Content Liability

In delineating the parameters of content liability, TeknikSipil.org asserts its stance regarding the content hosted on external websites. This provision underscores our commitment to accountability and delineates the responsibilities of website owners in safeguarding against potentially harmful or inappropriate content.

Defending Against Claims

While acknowledging the autonomy of website owners in managing their content, it is imperative to recognize that TeknikSipil.org cannot be held responsible for the content that appears on external websites. Website owners explicitly agree to indemnify and defend us against any claims arising from the content displayed on their websites. This proactive approach reinforces accountability and ensures that both parties uphold legal and ethical standards in content dissemination.

Prohibition of Offensive Content

Moreover, website owners are expressly prohibited from featuring any links on their websites that could be construed as libelous, obscene, or criminal. Additionally, any content that infringes upon third-party rights or advocates for such infringement is strictly prohibited. This stipulation underscores our commitment to promoting a safe and respectful online environment, free from objectionable or legally questionable content.

Reservation of Rights

TeknikSipil.org retains the prerogative to request the removal of any links, or specific links, from external websites that direct users to our platform. Website owners are expected to promptly comply with such requests, thereby upholding the integrity and reputation of our website.

Terms and Conditions Amendment

Furthermore, we reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions, as well as our linking policy, at our discretion and at any time. Continuously linking to our website implies acceptance and adherence to these terms and conditions. This dynamic approach allows us to adapt to evolving circumstances while maintaining transparency and consistency in our operations.

The provisions outlined herein establish a framework for responsible content management and linking practices. By delineating content liability and reserving certain rights, TeknikSipil.org aims to foster a secure and reputable online ecosystem that prioritizes legal compliance, ethical standards, and user protection.

Removal of Links from Our Website

In addressing concerns regarding the presence of offensive links on TeknikSipil.org, we prioritize responsiveness and accountability. This provision empowers users to actively engage with us in maintaining the integrity and appropriateness of the content hosted on our platform.

User Empowerment in Content Management

Should any user encounter a link on our website that they find offensive or objectionable for any reason, they are encouraged to promptly notify us. This open communication channel allows users to voice their concerns and contribute to the ongoing improvement of our platform. We recognize the importance of addressing user feedback and take all reports seriously.

Consideration of Removal Requests

Requests to remove offensive links will be duly considered by our team. While we maintain a commitment to responsiveness, it is important to note that we are not bound by obligation to remove such links, nor are we obligated to provide direct responses to individual requests. However, rest assured that each request will be thoroughly reviewed and assessed in accordance with our content policies and guidelines.

Disclaimer on Information Accuracy and Availability

It is essential to acknowledge that while we strive for accuracy and reliability, TeknikSipil.org does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of the information presented on our website. We do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the content, nor do we promise to ensure the continuous availability of the website or the real-time updating of its material.

Promoting Transparency and Accountability

By openly acknowledging the limitations and disclaimers associated with the information presented on our website, we uphold principles of transparency and accountability. Users are encouraged to exercise critical discernment and utilize the provided information responsibly.

The provision regarding the removal of links underscores our commitment to responsiveness and user engagement, while the disclaimer regarding information accuracy and availability promotes transparency and accountability in our operations. Through these measures, TeknikSipil.org remains dedicated to providing a safe, reliable, and informative online environment for all users.

Asserting Legal Limitations

In asserting our legal rights and limitations, TeknikSipil.org aims to provide transparency regarding the scope of liability associated with the use of our website. This disclaimer serves as a crucial legal framework that delineates the extent of our responsibilities and the rights of users in accordance with applicable laws.

Exclusion of Representations, Warranties, and Conditions

To the fullest extent permitted by law, TeknikSipil.org explicitly excludes all representations, warranties, and conditions pertaining to our website and its usage. This comprehensive exclusion encompasses any assertions or assurances regarding the accuracy, reliability, or suitability of the information provided on our platform. By delineating these limitations, we seek to mitigate uncertainties and clarify our stance regarding the provision of online services.

Legal Exceptions to Liability Exclusion

It is imperative to note that certain exceptions to liability exclusion are acknowledged within this disclaimer. Specifically, liability for death or personal injury, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, as well as any liabilities that cannot be lawfully excluded, remain unaffected by the terms outlined herein. This recognition of legal obligations underscores our commitment to accountability and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Comprehensive Governance of Liabilities

The limitations and prohibitions of liability established within this section extend to all aspects of our disclaimer, governing liabilities arising in contract, tort, and breach of statutory duty. These provisions provide a comprehensive framework for managing legal liabilities associated with the use of our website, ensuring consistency and clarity in our legal obligations.

Limitation of Liability for Free Services

Crucially, as long as TeknikSipil.org provides the website and its associated information and services free of charge, we disclaim liability for any loss or damage incurred by users. This disclaimer reinforces the understanding that the provision of free services does not entail a guarantee against potential losses or damages, and users are encouraged to exercise caution and diligence in their interactions with our platform.

In conclusion, this disclaimer serves as a critical legal document that defines the parameters of liability and responsibility for TeknikSipil.org and its users. By establishing clear boundaries and exceptions, we seek to foster transparency, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance with legal standards in our online operations.

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